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  • Jack H. Bender

No Tents. Housing Now!

The Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony organized a Right to Housing Rally on October 25 at Centennial Park in Holland, Michigan. I became aware of it through my daughter who drove past a local church that had a tent erected and a sign beside it declaring “No Tents. Housing Now.”

The rally had speakers, signs and “marching,” with attendees also putting up tents near River Avenue, drawing attention to their cause. I’ve attempted to build the case for affordable housing and it is always good to see others doing likewise.

Many blogs ago, I described the very beginning of my journey—lunch with Sister Pat Lamb, formerly of St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church. I will never forget her words. “Well, if you’re going to learn about poverty in the area, I guess you could start with the tent cities.”

You can read more…

Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony website:

Holland Sentinel website:


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